It’s Monday and the start of a healthy habit called “Manifest Mondays”.  Grab a notebook or journal and let’s show Monday who’s BOSS!  Mondays are usually the start of the new work week for most people.  It is also the LEAST favorite day of the week for the majority of the population.  However, let’s change that! Let’s create Monday as a clean and EXCITING slate to be filled with hopes and goals for a delightful week.  You don’t need a yoga mat to participate.  Just focus on your breathing and visualizing a goal for the week.  Make sure to not focus the attention on the obstacles on the way to your destination.

Start by sitting comfortably in lotus or a cross-legged position.  Rest your hands on your knees, palms facing open and upward, signaling your surrender to the moment.  Slowly inhale through the nose and out of the nose, trying to match the time of the slow inhale with the slow exhale.  Do this until you feel calm.  If you still are checking off your grocery list in your head, then add a few rounds of Lion’s Breath or Alternate Nostril Breathing Technique to help cleanse the mind (post coming soon).

Picture your intended goal…what are you feeling when you hit this milestone?  How do you see your life when you complete this goal?  What sensations will you experience… Taste, Feel, Touch, Smell, Hear…?  Do you feel less stress?  More energized?  Imagine the heavy weight of this goal dissolving and lifting off of you.  Does getting to this goal connect you further with a higher purpose?  If you don’t come alive or experience wholeness when focusing on this goal, you may want to re-evaluate the goal.  Is this what you desire for your highest good, or is it what you think others expect of you?  Is your goal being influenced by comparing yourself to others?  Comparison is the thief of joy and can rob us of what we truly desire.  By digging deeper and asking these questions, we will uncover what makes us come alive.

What you focus on GROWS…and GROWS…and GROWS.  So DO NOT focus on the negative.  If a negative thought pops up, don’t freak out, just allow it to melt away.   Close your eyes and visualize yourself paying off all of your debt, completing your work assignments with accolades, or dealing with a stressful situation with grace and style.  By focusing on the actual end goal, you attract more opportunities into your life to get you there.

What do you want to manifest this week?  A month from now?  A year from now?

Jot it down in your journal with the date so your future self can thank you! 🙂

Daily Greatness

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