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Pineapple Pain Away Smoothie

Pineapple contains an enzyme shown to be extremely effective in reducing inflammation in the body.  Turmeric and ginger are also two powerful anti-inflammatory roots that have been studied extensively for their pain-relieving properties. To quickly remove all of the juicy pineapple fruit, use a pineapple corer.  If you do not own one, they are not READ MORE

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Yoga For The Winter Blues

Now that the holidays are over and we’re getting into those dreary, cold days of January and February, many of us start to feel a little bit down. Maybe it is the overcast weather, looking at all of the barren trees, or a deficiency of Vitamin D from not having that sunlight splashing across the READ MORE

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Legs Up The Wall

Legs Up The Wall Pose (Viparita Karani) This pose provides feelings of nourishing, calming, and grounding. It also gives blood circulation a gentle boost toward the upper body, which creates a pleasant rebalancing after you have been standing or sitting for a long period of time. If you are stressed, fatigued, or anxious, this pose READ MORE

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Yoga & Wellness of Blue Ridge, GA Yoga Workshop Jan 28, 2017

Self-Care Is The New Health-Care® Workshop Your Self-Love Prescription For a Better Mood, Increased Energy and Less Pain Yoga & Wellness of Blue Ridge             3586 E 1st St #301 Blue Ridge, GA 30513 January 28, 2017 @ 1:30-3:30 Cost $35 Do you find yourself stressed, overwhelmed or scattered? Or READ MORE

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Get Back To Being Wonder Woman With This Sinus Steamer Blend!

It's that beautiful time of year when the weather becomes cool, the leaves turn colors and our sinuses take a beating from all of the fun outdoor festivities.  To add to our overloaded immune systems, we overindulge with sugary treats and our kids and co-workers infect us with germs. Before we know it, we are up READ MORE

Lose The Bun – Lettuce Get Started!

Replace that bun with an extra large romaine lettuce or swiss chard leaf to wrap your sandwiches.  Either option is super-healthy and contains way less calories.  Many people notice several health benefits when they remove bread from their diets.  One major benefit to losing the bun and removing bread is a smaller waist line.  What READ MORE

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A Healthier Version of Snow Cones

Summer time is snow cone season and for good reason!  This delightful snack can help keep us cool and hydrated on those blistering hot days.  There's just one issue... the list of ingredients in snow cone syrup can be super-scary and many children can have adverse reactions to them.  A typical list of the syrup READ MORE

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Manifest Mondays With Daily Greatness

It’s Monday and the start of a healthy habit called “Manifest Mondays”.  Grab a notebook or journal and let's show Monday who's BOSS!  Mondays are usually the start of the new work week for most people.  It is also the LEAST favorite day of the week for the majority of the population.  However, let’s change that! READ MORE

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The Magic of Cooking With Cast Iron…

The cast iron skillet has been overlooked for decades due to the shiny flashy new designs of modern day cookware, but don’t give up on this rustic classic because there is magic within.  Cooking in a cast iron skillet can add significant amounts of iron to your food and into your body.  In addition to READ MORE

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Essential Oil Bath Salts

Every person needs self-care.  When stress becomes an all time high, sometimes the simplest form of self-care can make all the difference.  What better way to unwind and calm the mind than with relaxing essential oils and a warm bath!? Most of my clients, have been overstressed mothers suffering from mild depression.  They put everything they READ MORE

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